About SimDice

SimDice is the first dice simulator on Twitter Based . It's very Simple to use, email or password.

Each dice roll can generate a tweet on a specific account @SimDice. So you can have a history of all your dice roll

We use hashtag # to each dice roll by PG and Group or Campaign.

Last 2 Tweets @SimDice
#SDRoll #gioelettodb@gmail.com (4d6) (4,6,2,1) #gioelettodb@gmail.com total 13
Mon - Apr 05, 2021
#SDRoll #gioelettodb@gmail.com (2d6) (1,4) #gioelettodb@gmail.com total 5
Mon - Apr 05, 2021

You'll see a real dice for each shot.

#SDRoll #simdice (3d6) (3,5,3) #simdice total 11
1d6_3 1d6_5 1d6_3 = 11
#SDRoll #Rizlas (16d10) (8,2,7,6,6,3,4,7,3,3,9,4,10,7,3,4) #Rizlas total 86
1d10_8 1d10_2 1d10_7 1d10_6 1d10_6 1d10_3 1d10_4 1d10_7 1d10_3 1d10_3 1d10_9 1d10_4 1d10_10 1d10_7 1d10_3 1d10_4 = 86